ConnectHV beta is now open!

ConnectHV beta is now open!

ConnectHV is officially launched and ready for use! You can go to to explore people and pages, create a profile, and add your favorite Hudson Valley places and organizations.

You can expect some rough edges, but there's a handy Feedback button in the lower right-hand corner that you can click at any time to report bugs or make suggestions.

There are also a bunch of fake users, all labeled "[TEST]", because it's hard to appreciate the site until there are people using it. Once we hit a critical mass of real users, I'll remove those fake users so ConnectHV is 100% bonafide Hudson Valley.

In the meantime: please test the site! I want to put ConnectHV through it's paces before publicizing it more widely. If you want to support the Hudson Valley creative community and help out, you can sign up here:

What's coming next?

There's so much left to do!

In addition to fixing bugs and polishing the rough edges, here are some upcoming features:

  • Direct messages. What's the point of marking yourself as "open to opportunities" if there's no way for someone to reach out to you with an opportunity?
  • Destination pages. Featured towns and cities with particular creative energy.
  • Map improvements. So, so many map improvements.
  • VIP mode. Privacy settings specifically for users with a heightened public presence.
  • Job board. Exactly what it says on the tin.