Launching the future of ConnectHV

Activity feed, public statuses, more beautiful profiles, and more.

The big summer ConnectHV update — September 2023

This is the biggest change to ConnectHV since it launched to the public in October 2022. It includes ✅ public statuses, 📰 an activity feed, 🤩 more beautiful profiles, and more.

Plus, there's now a promo video on the homepage, so your friends who don't use ConnectHV yet can learn why it exists:

If you're someone who makes things, you know the struggle of trying to align the real-life version of something to the version in your head.

For the first time, ConnectHV feels like the thing I've been envisioning. And I'm so excited for you to try it.

  • If you're already using it, I hope you enjoy the new features!
  • If you tried it out a while ago but haven't been back since, this is the version that will give you a reason to come back again.
  • If you've never tried it, now's the time to sign up and create your profile.

Q: How do I get the new profile?

You already have it! To make it look its best, make sure you've uploaded a header image. Even better, include a bio and some other images that showcase your work.

For inspiration, here are some profiles that look particularly beautiful already:

Q: How do I update my status?

Visit your profile — you can update your status using the text field near the top of the screen.

Q: Can I see what the changes look like without visiting the site?

Yes, here are some screens:

Profiles now include space for a beautiful header image, improved media galleries, better links to external sites, and more.
The activity feed makes it easy to see all ConnectHV updates on one screen, including status updates and image uploads.

Thanks for being part of the ConnectHV community.

Much love!

Jordan Koschei