Refocusing ConnectHV on people and community

Refocusing ConnectHV on people and community

"If you can't explain it in 8 words, you can't explain it."

I couldn't explain ConnectHV in 8 words, which means it was too confusing to be compelling. Cutting features is always painful — "but I worked so hard on ______!" — but the result is a leaner, more focused product that will serve our community better.

Here are the three big changes:

  • 👋 Refocusing on people, not businesses. Instead of offering profiles for creatives and businesses alike, ConnectHV now supports people only. We have some amazing businesses in the Hudson Valley, but it's the people that are the real heart and soul here.
  • 📢 Providing space for community announcements. The homepage is now a bulletin board where anyone with a profile can post messages. Those could be requests for work, event announcements, collaboration opportunities, product launches, or whatever else you want.
  • 🎨 New brand. The old site was very Facebook-circa-2013. Not Hudson Valley-ish at all. I've redesigned it to feel more naturalistic, with nods to our regional colors and overall vibe. The HV feels like a serif, not a sans-serif, right??
It's all about the people.

If you're already signed up, go check out the changes and post something to the bulletin board.

If you aren't signed up, now's a great time! Create a profile and make it easier for your creative soulmates to find you: